Brian James

Wouter Kiers

Wouter Kiers began playing the clarinet in 1979 with a local Brass Band. In 1984 he changed his instrument and started to play the saxophone, a change that he has never regretted for one moment!

To date, Wouter Kiers is a highly requested tenorsaxophonist with the ability to play in many diverse styles. He is an absolute chameleon of musical styles moving with such diversity and dexterity thru any composition that crosses his pathway, never flinching or afraid to try anything new...

Nothing is more true with respect to Wouter's amazing contribution to Right Here; from his awesome swinging sax in "Changes" to his beautiful, elegant solo in "Once Upon a Time" and on to his melancholic and breathtaking - on the nose - throwback feel in "Yesterday". Wouter is not just a musician, he is an artist.

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