Brian James



The inspiration for Right Here came after spending an evening at “De Bonte Koe”, a local bar in Leiden, with my sister and two close friends. The main topics of the evening were reminiscing about our time at high-school on Aruba (some twenty years ago), our escapades back then and how swiftly time passes by.

Right Here is an album about the journey from mid to late teenage years to late 30’s. The album's production name was dubbed "Project Spotted Cow" as a tribute to the location where the idea for the album was born.

Influenced (heavily) by pop/rock from the 70’s and 80’s, I have a love for acoustic guitar based music with simple chord formations and melodies. I used this approach in writing the songs for the album. All songs from the album were written on an acoustic guitar (a Taylor, model # 410 CE).

A group of excellent musicians contributed to the album, including: Andreas Robbie Carree (drums), Wouter Kiers (saxophone), Camilla van der Kooij (violin), Eltjo Cleton (guitar), Rob Gravelotte (guitar) and Ingrid Zuure (back-up vocals).

My oldest daughter Janice (triangle) also appears on the track "Dance With Me".

Production and artwork
Right Here was written and arranged by Brian James. The album was produced by David Cok of Amini records who also contributed to selected tracks.

The artwork was created by established Leiden artist Barbara van Druten. Right Here is available in CD format or on-line via (amongst others) iTunes and Spotify.